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Virtual Domains

A Virtual Domain means that you have an Internet address (URL) like http://your-name.com.

Having your own domain name has a lot of advantages:

  • You can use your company name as your Internet address
  • It's short and easy to remember
  • You can create your own email addresses - like info@your-name.com
  • It appears that you have your own server, so it carries a lot of prestige

    What's Included?

  • 20 megabytes of web space - enough for about 200 average web pages
  • Unlimited hits! - We know you are going to put up some amazing pages, and so (unlike some providers) we don't limit the number of accesses you can get.
  • Unlimited transfers - You can change your pages as many times as you like. You send your pages to our server using FTP
  • Unlimited email addresses - Create as many email addresses as you like. These are automatically forwarded to your own email box, or if you prefer, use the email box (POP3) included with your domain
  • Publicity - Just as important as designing attactive pages, is publicising them. We automatically submit your home page URL to major search indices including: HotBot, AltaVista, Lycos, InfoSeek, Excite, etc.
  • Counters - It's easy to add a counter like this to your pages
  • Statistics and logs - An comprehensive log of accesses is available to you. A detailed statistical summary of this is updated every day. You have a choice of six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Danish
  • CGI-BIN - Your own cgi-bin is available for programming and designing interactive pages. More Information
  • Server Side Includes - Here's an example
  • Telnet - You only really need this if you want to get into CGI programming, or restrict access to your pages.

    Choosing a name

    Upon receipt of your application, Albino will take care of registering your domain name. Once registered, you are entitled to use this name for ever. Given the number of different domain name registries, the easiest way to check if a name already exists is just to type it in, and see if anything comes up. Also see our page just on Choosing the suffix.

    There are some general restrictions on the name you may choose:

  • Names may only contain letters, numbers and hyphens -
  • You may not use dots . underlines _ or exclamation marks !
  • For example your-name would be allowed but your.name or your_name would not be.
  • The maximum length of a name is 20 letters, but we advise you to use as short a name as possible.
  • A name must begin with a letter and must end with either a letter or a number.
  • Capital or small letters make no difference. For example yourname.com and YourName.com are effectively the same.

  • The following section appears as gibberish because it is only used by search engines

    Web Space and Spaces

    Web hosting and virtual domains for rental of our server or servers

    Virtual Domains

    Virtualize Web space virtually for hosting spaces and domain names on our server and servers

    Virtually Space

    Hosting virtual domain name rental on our server or servers