Once you have your own domain, you will be able to resell web space to others. They do not need to know that you are obtaining your Web space from Albino, so you are able to set your own price.

Service Description Paid Quarterly(Euros) Paid Yearly(Euros)
Resold domains These are configured just the same as your initial domain 29 € setup
59 € quarter
29 € setup
189 € anual
Domain name advance reservation Fee is refunded when you order the domain 12 € one time fee
Domain Name Parking Point another domain name at your IP number 9 € quarter 30 € anual
FTP account
POP box
Allows your clients to transfer files into a directory of your domain but using their own username and password. Includes a POP email box 4 € quarter 15 € anual


  • Virtual Domain prices do not include the Domain Name Registration fee.
  • 16% IVA (Spanish Tax) is payable by European Union residents