How to FTP

  • Getting started
  • Transferring files
  • Common errors
  • Software
  • Other references

    Getting started

    We recommend using WS-FTP (see below software). There are programs available which work just as well, but we will give the examples using this program. Once you get the program unzipped and installed, you will get the connect dialog box:

    You need to fill in the following information:

  • Profile Name Your name or domain name will do
  • Host Name Your domain name, eg If you have a directory in Albino, put
  • Host Type Choose UNIX standard
  • User ID The user name you chose
  • Password The password you chose
  • Save Password Select this only if you are the only person using your machine
    Click on OK and you are ready to go.

    Transferring files

    After a short delay, you will be connected to our server. Notice that the directories and files in your computer are listed on the left, and your directories and files on our server are listed on the right. Directories are on top, and files on the bottom. Just select which files you wish to transfer and click on the arrow buttons. But first read the next section - common errors.
  • ChgDir - Change Directory
  • MkDir - Make Directory
  • RmDir - Remove Directory
    Make a backup and a 2nd backup on your harddrive. Albino backs up the entire server, however you are ultimately responsible for the data on your site

    Common errors

  • You must choose ASCII for text files (eg. HTML, image maps, CGI scripts etc.) and Binary for images etc.
  • When writing your HTML page on your wordprocessor, save your files as text - not .doc nor as MS-DOS text.
  • Wait till WS-FTP tells you 'transfer completed' before viewing the file with your browser.


    WS-FTP (
    A list of available FTP programs

    Other references

    An introduction to FTP
    More Information