Image Maps

Let's suppose you want to make an imagemap of a graphic called menubar.jpg. The first thing to do is make the map file, which we will call, and put both files in the main directory.
rect 7,1 185,261
rect 188,1 330,259
rect 332,1 469,264

You should transfer the file in ASCII/text mode or it won't work.
Default indicates "Anything that's not below..."
Rect means "Rectangle"
Make sure you put the complete URL and the two pairs of co-ordinates which define the upper left and lower right pixels of the rectangle.

Here is the HTML file - for example index.html. Make sure you copy it carefully.

<A HREF="">
<img src="" ISMAP border=0>

Its easy. The only complication is if you have your map file in a directory. In this case the URL would be:
<A HREF="">