• Quick Reference to HTML 2.0
  • Netscape's HTML extensions
  • Creating Net Sites - Netscape's guide to HTML
  • Tables as implemented in Netscape 1.1
  • ISO Latin 1 Character Entities and HTML Escape Sequence Table

    HTML Editors

  • HomeSite A relatively new HTML editor, and the best we know of.
  • HotDog. Another popular HTML editor, although some people quickly get bored of the dog noises


  • Java at Sun
  • The Java(TM) Boutique


  • The JavaScript Archive


  • Image -O- Rama Good collection of more than 2000 ready-made images including lines, buttons, icons and animated GIFs
  • Netscape's Background Sampler
  • Animation Gallery
  • images, graphics, icons, buttons

    Good Style

  • Creating Killer Sites
  • PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites